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Home > Kenwood Radios > TK-2312 TK-3312

TK-2312 / TK-3312

Kenwood’s new TK-2312/3312 VHF/UHF conventional portables are 5W, 128 channel high performance radios suitable for public safety agencies and business/industrial settings. Built on a performance platform new to Kenwood portables, they feature an 8 digit display with RSSI & Function/Status Icons, 4-color LED, nine PF keys and come with a lightweight 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery. Both versions meet MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G as well as IP54/55 for water & dust intrusion


KRA-16M VHF stubby antenna 148-162 MHz
KRA-16M2 VHF stubby antenna 162-174 MHz
KRA-22M VHF Low-profile Helical Antenna 148-162 Mhz
KRA-22M2 VHF Low-Profile Helical Antenna 162-174 MHz
KRA-26M VHF Helical Antenna 146-162 Mhz
KRA-26M2 VHF Helical Antenna 162-174 MHz

KRA-17M UHF stubby antenna 450-490 MHz
KRA-23M UHF Low-Profile Helical Antenna 450-490 MHz
KRA-23M2 UHF Low-Profile Helical Antenna 470-512 MHz
KRA-27M UHF Whip Antenna 440-490 MHz


KNB-45L 2000 mAh, Li-ion battery - requires KSC-35K/E/SK charger
KNB-29N 1500 mAh, NiMH battery - requires KSC-31K/E charger


KSC-35SK Fast rate single unit charger for KNB-45L Li-ion battery
KSC-31K Fast rate single unit charger for KNB-29N NiMH battery
KMB-28 Six Unit Charger Adapter for the KSC-23BK/28/35SK chargers

Speaker Microphones

KMC-48GPS GPS Speaker Microphone
KMC-45 MIL-SPEC, IP54/55 Speaker microphone (Built-in 2.5mm miniature earphone jack)
KMC-21 Compact speaker microphone [IS]

Earpieces and Headsets

KEP-2 2.5mm Earphone Kit
KHS-10-BH Hvy-duty noise reduction behind-the-headset w/noise cancelling boom mic & in-line PTT [IS]
KHS-10-OH Heavy-Duty Over-the-Head Headset
KHS-7 Single Muff Headset w/ Boom Mic.
KHS-7A Light Weight Single Muff Headset w/ Boom Mic.
KHS-8BE Beige Palm Microphone with Earphone
KHS-8BL Black Palm Microphone with Earphone
KHS-9BE Beige Mini Lapel Mic with Earphone
KHS-9BL Beige Mini Lapel Mic with Earphone
KHS-22 BTH Headset w/ Boom Mic. and In-Line PTT
KHS-23 Medium Duty 2-Wire Earbud Clip/PTT Palm Mic.
KHS-25 D-ring Headset with PTT and Boom Mic.
KHS-26 Clip Mic w/earphone
KHS-27 D-Ring Ear Hanger w/PTT & Mic

Carrying Accessories

KBH-10 Spring action belt clip
KBH-8DS Leather swivel belt loop with portable D-Ring attachment
KLH-6SW Leather swivel belt loop / detachable swivel D-Ring back
KLH-178 Heavy duty leather carrying case for TK-2312/3312
KWR-1 Water Resistant Bag